May 232020


Understanding The Prayers That God Answered.

Millions of prayers are said on a daily basis by believers. However not all prayers were answered. Jesus disciples had to asked Him, Master Teach us how to pray. That means Prayer requires training. This is because God has a standard or structure for answering prayers. Some people call it the keys to answer prayers.

Today I will discuss some of the criteria for your prayers to be answered.

1. Faith and confidence in God’s ability to resolve your issues. Genesis 15:6 , Psalm 91:15, Hebrew 11:3,6 , Hebrew 4:16
2. Be submissive and humble yourself. You need God for everything, God can do without you. You can’t be blackmailing God and you expect Him to Answer you. Therefore, be humble and be submissive. God’s WiLLs override your own needs Therefore, humble your self. Hebrew 5:7, Mathew 26:39. 1 Peter 5:5, JAMES 4:6
3. Have the Right Motive. The right motive is to glorify God not your personal ego. God knows your mind besides your outward appearances. John 14:13 JAMES 4:2-3. 1 Samuel 16:7
4. Forgiveness is a must If you want God to hear you. Before you ask God anything check yourself if you’re holding grudges against anyone. Resolve your differences and forgive before you pray to God. Mathew 6:12-13, Mathew 5:23/24 Mark 11:25-26
5. Allow the Holy Spirit to intercede for you . You can’t do nothing without the help of Holy Spirit. Roman 8:14, 26-27
6. You must Love to Win souls for God. John 15:16
7. Sacrifice and offer to God for your healing and deliverance. Luke 5:14, Hebrew 11:4. Psalm 50:6,12-16
8. Give testimony of his doing. Revelation 12:11

May The Holy Spirit teach you the prayers that God Answered in the mighty name of Jesus.

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