The Ark of Testimonies


David’s Book of Testimonies.

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony…. (‭Revelation‬ ‭12‬:‭11)

1. In November 20, 2016 I met my former church members. She told me that she has Glaucoma and I told her that my God can heal her if she believes. I prayed to God to heal her of glaucoma . December 15, 2016 the sister called me to inform me that her doctor could not find the glaucoma again in her eyes. However she still believe her church doctrine that says, miracle has ended with the Apostles. I told her that I prayed that God should heal her of glaucoma and if she wants her miracle to be permanent, she must give testimony of God’s miraculous power to others.(Rev. 12:11 and Luke 5:13-14)

2 8/24/16 I called Pastor David Olaniyan of Jesus Witness Ministries to pray for my mother . My mother was hospitalized for Lung Cancer and the Doctors wants to do surgery on her. After the prayer was said, the hospital took a Cat Scan test and they discovered that the cancer is no more. She was discharged from the hospital without the surgery. All glory be to God. Testifier: T. A, East Orange, NJ

. 7/27/16 A young lady saw me at the Bus Stop and said, thank you Pastor for praying for me. As you said, someone I did not know blessed me with a new phone and a cash of $100 . All Glory be to God. Testifier: Erica.

7/11/16 I was diagnose with Glaucoma. Pastor David prayed for me and told me that I am healed of Glaucoma in Jesus name. He also told me to go and do another test. Lo and behold Glaucoma is gone. All Glory Be to God. Testifier: Mie A.Orange, NJ

6/25/16 My father had back injury and he cannot walk and the Hospital says he has to do back surgery and Pastor David prayed for me that my father will walk. My father is now walking normally. I give all the glory God. Testifier: A Ribard.
6. 7/7/16 I called Pastor David that I feared that my employer wants to fire me from my job. Immediately he assure me that nobody will fire me and Lord behold, my employer called me that they like my work and I should continue working. I give God all the glory. Testifier: A, K

On Saturday July 2, 2016 a brother approached me about his spiritual deficit and confusion . After using Matthew 5:3,6 I prayed that may God fill him up with knowledge, glory and riches. The second day he was honored and blessed publicly by the Resident Pastor Tunde Oladipupo.

7/5/16 My employer told me that my job have ended at the end of the school year because I had a very bad review by my supervisor. Pastor David prayed for me and told me that I will get my job back. And within a week The Principal of my school called my house trice and he told me that they have reversed their decision to fire me and that I got my job back with a raise. He also offered me a Summer job. All Glory Be to God. Testifier: M. W.

On February 2016, My Sister Elizabeth was dying of ulcer stomach disease and I approached Pastor David Olaniyan to pray for her. He prayed for her but he said, God showed him that my sister has to share her resources with the poor and pay her Tithe and Offering and God will restore her health. My sister complied and Jesus healed her completely. Testifier , A. K

March 2016 The United State Immigration Services denied my application for citizenship and I was to be deported out of the United States of America. I joined The Prayer Warrior Group and Pastor David, said God will surprise me and I will get my Citizenship without the aid of any lawyers. After four months of demonstrating faith and patience, my Citizenship Certificate was mailed to me instead of deportation letter. All Glory be to Jesus. Testifier, F. Thomas.

On April 16, 2016 I attended the Healing Crusade on Saturday and I told Pastor David Olaniyan that I did not have a job. He prayed that God should give me a job now. And immediately I got a phone call that I should start work the following day. All Glory be to our God. Testifier: R. D.

On April 11, 2014 I told Pastor David that my supervisor is giving me hard time at work. Pastor David prayed for me to have peace at work and when I went to work the following day all my enemies and my supervisors apologize to me for antagonizing me and beg for forgiveness. All Glory Be to God. Testifier: Orika Crawford.
13. On April 1, 2016 my sister was having Fibroid Bleeding and I approached Pastor David Olaniyan for prayer. He prayed that the bleeding stop immediately. My sister was healed completely. Thank you Pastor David for your prayers. All Glory be to our God. Testifier: A.K

April 9, 2016 I attended the healing crusade and I told the pastor that I need a job. Pastor David prayed that I would come back the following Saturday with a notable testimony. I got the full time job and I came back with snacks and drinks as a testimony for what God has done for me. Testifier: D. K

January 2016 my friend recommend Pastor David Olaniyan to me. I told him that I was separated from my husband for 5 years and He refuse to take me back with 4 children and I have no jobs. Above all my Nephews Brian is dying of lung Cancer. He has less than 3 months to live. Pastor David Olaniyan prayed for me and recommended that I should buy gift in the name of my children and mail it to my husband in Kenya. I complied. That week I got a job that I did not apply for. Before I mailed the gift I bought for my husband , My husband deposited large sum of money into my account. Also my nephew was healed of Lung cancer. All Glory be to God. Testifier: A. Kamau.

April 4, 2016 I called Pastor David Olaniyan to pray for my son who was diagnosed with autism. He prayed that God deliver my son from demonic oppression . God revealed that we need to Change his name and we did.
My son is completely delivered from the demons of autism. All Glory be to Jesus. Testifier: R.O.

April 23, 2016 I contacted Pastor David Olaniyan that I had a generation curses of mental illness and that I need a job. He cast the devil out of me . I stop hearing voices, I have no more suicidal thoughts and I have a job now. All glory be to God: Testifier: C. B.

April 12, 2016 I called Pastor David Olaniyan to pray for my father who was to undergo surgery for Cerebra Spinal Fluid . He prayed and said, God has cancelled any agreement with death with my father. The surgery was successful and my father was healed completely. All Glory to our God: Testifier: Thelma Ache pong.

April 16, 2016 Pastor David said, anyone looking for job will get a job before the next weekend. On Monday my husband got a fulltime job even without papers. Glory be to God. Testifier: P. N.

Jesus said to Simon, “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” But Simon answered and said to Him, “Master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing; nevertheless at Your word I will let down the net.” And when they had done this, they caught a great number of fish, and their net was breaking. (‭Luke‬ ‭5‬:‭4-6‬ NKJV)

Obedience to the word leads to miracle. For example, Simon said we have toiled all night but nothing was caught BUT at your WORD I will comply. His obedience
Result in miraculous catch of multitude of fishes.

Another example was when Mary, the mother of Jesus told people, that do whatever he tells you to do. He told them to fill the drum with water and they obey. Obedience leads to first miracle of wine at the weeding feast.

All my experience of Jesus miracle in my life was based on following instructions and obedience led to Miracles. Follow me to read some my personal encounter with the Lord and how it result in miracle.

In May 14, 2008 the First Miracle took place when I was about to write my professional exam. I was so occupied with other matters and unable to study due to circumstances beyond my control. I prayed to God to allow me to hear the voices of my professors as am taking the exam because that was the only way I can pass that exam. As I open the first question my professor voice came on clearly talking about the question, and in less than one hour my computer automatically shut down. I cried because I thought I did so bad and they shut down on me. I went ask for new date from the invigilators
But said after 3 days if I don’t pass I should come back. On the third day I checked my results and I passed with a flying colors. All Glory be to Jesus.

Jesus Heals a Sick Boy through Text Messages.

4/10/2013 Jesus healed a sick boy through Text Messages.

The text messages from the mother to me saying she was rushing her son to the Hospital and she won’t attend the Bible Fellowship in my house, I reply her that boy will get well and healed in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Amen. The mother said, before they could drive to the Hospital the boy became well and playing. That she has no choice than to come and giver her testimony. I was also surprised to see them. All Glory be to God.

A Dead Child Came to Life In Jesus Name.

4/12/13 One of my Tenant daughter was pronounced dead by her mother. The mother crying woke me up and I saw her with the dead baby. At that point I was shouting take her to The car but the Holy Spirit tell me to take the Baby from her and placed the baby against my chest and put her down and call her name 3 times and she will wake up. I did exactly so. The baby came to life. All Glory be to Jesus.

My Flights Was Changed to Direct Flight.

April 30, 2013 I was not happy for 22 hours delay in Netherlands but I have no choice than to endure it. Surprisingly my flight was changed to direct flight at the boarding of the plane. All Glory be to God.

Jesus Healed A Woman with Peanut Allergy.

May 2,2014 My wife became very ill around 2AM in Nigeria with Peanut allergy and her skin began to breakup. I was confused as what to do. The Holy Spirit told me to pray for her and she will recover. I did exactly as told. Surprisingly she recovered within 15 minutes. All Glory be to God.

Jesus Restored My Vision after 25 Years of Wearing Glasses.

About May 12, 2013 my vision became normal again after 20 years of wearing glasses.
In annoyance I told Jesus I don’t want to be wearing glasses again in my prayers point.
That very week my vision was corrected supernaturally. All Glory be to God.

Jesus healed A woman who suffered Back Pain.

May 10,2013 The wife of a man of God mocked her husband because her husband had back pain. The following night the back pain left the Husband and sticks to the wife for two days. Later the Husband pleads with God and she was cured. All Glory be to God.

Jesus Gave me Vision to See A Church in Kenya.

Hello Pastor I am Pastor Elias from Kenya Africa I visited your website and I was touched with your message I therefore request you to come and teach us more of these truth and establish your works among us I care for needy orphans who are in needy prayer thanks hope to hear from you.

Pastor Elias

Pastor Elias invited me to his Church in Kenya. He said, they have been following my teachings on our web site( Jesus Witness Ministries)

On September 24, 2014 I prayed that God should show me the Church in Kenya before I will go there in person. That Night, I had the vision of the place,
The Pastor and his wife wore a Yellow Native dress. There was a Wooden Cross erected in the Middle of a big Compound. The Church members were sitting on the mat. The Pastor wife asked him about what food to give the Visiting Pastor from America? The Pastor told the wife leave me alone, the man just arrived. I cut in by saying I am not hungry for now. But what arrangement you have made for the Crusade and the Interpreter? Before Pastor Elias could answer, I woke up.

I wrote everything that I saw to Pastor Elias. He called me the second day, The Pastor laughed for about two minutes on the phone and after that he confirmed that what I saw was true. But the spirit did not approve me to visit his church. All Glory be to God.
I did advise him to continue to use our website to build himself up spiritually.

December 20 I call our resident Pastor to join me in prayer for my father who had to do surgery to repair his broken Fermur. The Doctors were afraid of performing the operation because my father is Jehovah Witness who will not accept blood transfusion. December 22, 2014 my 94 year old man underwent a bloodless surgery. He was given a Total Hip Replacement to repair his broken Fermur and the surgery was successful. All glory be to Jesus.