Mar 062021

Marital Peace
Covenant Day of Marital Peace

What is Peace In the Marriage

Peace is something you must continually strive for, commit to, and work purposefully to maintain even in the midst of difficult circumstances. Enjoying peace in your marriage means more than merely refraining from fighting and bickering with your partner. If there is problems, you husband should check yourself to where you have not been adequately providing for your wife.

Asked yourself am providing her with food, am providing her with clothing or am providing her with adequate sexual inter course? If any of these things are missing there will be crisis in the family and you the husband will answer to God.

Apostles Paul says, if a man fail to provide for his family his worse than an unbeliever. 1 Timothy 5:8
That means a pagan is better you if the pagan is satisfying his wife and you’re not, then a pagan is better than you.
That means a man should ask himself whether he is capable of feeding his wife, whether you are capable of clothing her and more importantly whether you can handle her sexually. If the sexual aspect is missing, then the marriage is heading for crisis.

Many men don’t understand the natures of women. Some Men are too busy buying cars, houses, food and clothing for their families and forget the emotional food of the woman.

That is why the house boy or the driver will be filling the gab.
I remember the wife of very big man in Nigeria, they have everything money can buy. Madam has her own Mazedes Bens Car.
Madam packed her car and took a taxi to go and be with a Carpenter who have no bed. She was getting What is missing in her marriage from a poor Capenter. The point is don’t forget the most important aspect of marriage due of your wife.

In the Old Testament a man is permitted to more than one wife. The permissive will of God. His perfect will was for a man to marry one wife. Jesus came to restore this perfect will of God in the New Testament.( Mathew 19:5-6, Ephesians 5:31-33). Every believer today has an obligation to follow the perfect will of God, to Mary only one woman and be faithful to her. Even under the Mosaic law says even if a man takes another younger wife, he is still obligated to sleep with the First wife.
“If he takes another wife, he shall not diminish her food, her clothing, and her marriage rights. And if he does not do these three for her, then she shall go out free, without paying money.” Exodus‬ ‭21:10-11‬ ‭

Feeding your wife is more than feeding her with bread and butter. You feed her with the Word of God, and you make adequate provision for food in the house. Clothing her is more than garments and fabrics. You provide for her total total security; you cover her from negative winds of life blowing from all kinds of people, and you make sure everything that makes her appear decent and dignified is in place, including a house if it is affordable. If she become sick or become pregnant you give her proper attention. When both of you are raising children you need to stay home to help your children and your wife. Then you will certainly enjoy the manifold blessings of God.

Again the importance of Food, Clothing, and Sexual intercourses in any marriage cannot be over-emphasis.
If any of these things is missing in any marriage there will be problems in the marriage.

This is for the wife, while the husband must love their wife and take good care of her like his own body, it will be easy for the man to love his wife, if the wife also respect her husbands. Make easy for you husband to love by respecting his opinion. Don’t disrespect your husband any time. He represent God and Jesus any disrespect to him carries severe punishment from God. For example, Michal the daughter of Saul and the wife of King David, she speaks disrespectful to David while David was dancing for God among the masses. God punished her by making her barrens. (2 Samuel 6:16-23). Women need to be careful.
If you know you can’t respect a man please don’t marry them.

You shall not be barren in the mighty name of Jesus.
Some men will marry an illiterate house girl that respect him instead of marry an arrogant woman.
While women will be flourishing if their husband love them, it is also build a man ego if the wife respect him. It leads to a good of lives for both of them.


Resolving conflict is marriage is difficult; because it can be so tricky to navigate, many couples find that unresolved issues and hurts begin to accumulate over time. In many cases, this leads to resentment and more frequent conflict. One way to combat this issue is to intentionally work to create peace in your marriage by uncovering and facing your issues head-on.

Today, we’re sharing 7 things you and your spouse can to do “seek peace and pursue it” in your marriage.

This is not the time to think about who was at fault. This is time to know what was the issue and the problem that needs to be tackled. Not an individual person in the relationship.
Think what you the husband and you the spouse suppose to do that you fail to do. Look for the areas of your own shortcoming that contributed to your partner negative reaction and be willing to apologize to your wife where you think you have failed. Make all efforts to correct yourself.
For example, a man suspect that his wife is paying more than the usual attention to another man. He confronted himself first. He asked himself some serious questions, such as Feeding his wife not only bread and butter but also spiritual food. He also think of clothing and covering and asked himself, when did I buy clothing for my wife last? Then He moved to the area of intimacy, he realize that he has not been doing well in this areas. He apologize to the wife and double his sexual intimacy and purchased clothing. The woman gave feedback, why are you so caring now than before. The problem was resolved.
Therefore there are seven things to do when the marriage is at the breaking points.

Whether or not your spouse is in the wrong alongside you doesn’t matter–what matters is whether you’re willing to step up and say you’re sorry first. Don’t wait around for your spouse to come to you; if you have something you need to apologize for, go ahead and do it. This will open the door for your spouse to respond in kind if he or she has been holding out. (Just be sure to only apologize if you actually have something to apologize for!)

Avoiding responsibility for bad decisions you make or hurtful things you say to your spouse will only make wounds fester and grow worse over time. Even though you might not want to admit to any wrongdoing, it’s best to bite the bullet and admit you made a mistake. Your spouse will be more likely to extend forgiveness sooner if you’re willing to own your part when you apologize.

If you’ve got unresolved conflict under the surface of your marriage, sooner or later, it’s going to get bigger and bigger until you can’t handle it anymore. Don’t sweep issues under the rug, hide from them, or send them down the road; face them head-on, and acknowledge their presence so they’ll be less likely to keep growing.

You and your spouse can create peace together by facing down your conflicts, challenges, and issues as a team. The two of you are stronger together than you are apart, and if only one of you is fighting your battles, that could lead to resentment and conflict between the two of you. Put your heads together to create solutions and ideas that will lead you away from strife and toward a happy, peaceful existence together.

Sometimes, you have to say things your spouse doesn’t want to hear. And you know it’s going to hurt you, too, when your spouse responds in pain or anger. Approach him or her in a loving way and lay all your cards on the table; if he or she has an issue that is hurting your marriage or family–or is even just harmful to them in some way–you have to put it out there. It could be addiction, hurtful behavior, or any number of things. Your spouse’s well being may depend on you speaking up. And if he or she goes down a destructive path, your marriage goes down, too.

On the flipside, sometimes you have to check yourself to keep the peace. Do you tend to speak before you think, saying hurtful things in the process? Is it sometimes hard to rein in your temper when the going gets rough? If you want to seek peace first, it will pay dividends to learn when to hold your tongue and think about what you’re about to say before it comes out of your mouth.

If your marriage is in trouble and you can’t seem to achieve peace on your own, it’s healthy and wise to ask for help. A trusted friend, pastor, mentor, or counselor can help you determine your next steps toward establishing peace in your marriage. Do your best to get your spouse on board, and work together with that trusted person in order to get on solid ground.

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At this this time Give God thanks for his blessings upon your family
Pray that God help fulfill your marital obligations
Pray for the perfect will of God be done in your family.