Mar 272020

“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”John‬ ‭4:24‬

Organized Religion has dominated the world since the day of Moses. There was a clergy class of Eli and the laity class of worshipers. This form of religion was based on the Mosaic laws. It was in effect during the birth of Jesus. The Pharisees and the Sadducee misapplied those laws for their own benefits. This form of religion ended in 70 CE when the Roman Army destroyed the Jerusalem Temple, just as, Jesus predicts.
Jesus told the Samaritan woman that a time is coming when people will not go to the mountains or to the Temple in Jerusalem to worship God. Rather a time is coming when people will worship the father in the Spirit and in Truth. Because those worshiping God must worship Him in the spirit and in truth.
(John 4:20-24)
The Holy Spirit confirms end of organized form of worship. How? God said, I will write my words into their hearts and into their minds(the believers). So there will be no need for anyone teaching you to know God.(Hebrew 10:15-17)
Furthermore, Jesus said , where two or three gather together in my name, He will be in their midst.
Presently our religion organization Houses has been shut due to COVID-19 virus.
The tithes and Offering has been reduced or stopped. This period will test Our motives for serving God. This is the time to worship God in the spirit and in truth.
Let us use this opportunity of COVID-19 viruses (Stay Home) period to develop personal relationships with our Heavenly father, and worship Him in the spirit and in truth.
Remember salvation is an individual thing. For the just shall live by faith(not by religion) Roman 1:17.

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Pastor David Olaniyan
The Global Evangelist
Jesus Witness Miniseries.