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The Divine Economic Model For The 3rd World Countries. LLP

First of all am not an economist but I still remember economic 101 during my Schools days. Please forgive me if I made a mistake.

There are many economic ideologies in the world from public economic models to the private economic models or ideologies.
In the public economic model only the government supplies goods and services for their people, such as practice by former Soviet Union.
Conversely, the private market economic ideologies the individual supplies goods and services for the the people, such as practices by USA.

However, I am discussing the Divine economic ideologies.

The Divine economic models is a simple God’s solutions to the economic problems of the poor countries.
Consider your country poor if any citizens living standard is below twenty Dollars a day. If you don’t have twenty four hours (24hrs. )Electricity. If there are no continental highways linking the country together. If there are no rail transportation in the cities. Also, if you are consumers of imported goods and services. These are the economic indicators that your country is poor. Majority of Africans countries fits these categories.

Why did Africa remain poor despite their natural resources?

Why did Africa remain poor after many years of independence from their colonial masters?

An anonymous Professor of Economics Answered these questions.

He said, “the Western Countries and Chinese will do everything to prevent Africans from industrializations”.
These are his submissions:
* It is in the best interest of the Western Countries that African remains poor and to continue to produce raw materials for rest of the world.

* If Africa Industrialize, the living standard of Western Countries will fall, and that is too much a price to pay.
* No country can ever develop without manufacturing.
* All the Global economic institutions, the Global financial institutions and economic ideologies are to convince Africans to continue to supply raw materials and remain poor. These are the the Ideologies of the colonial masters. What can we learn from this revelations?

Therefore, if Africa wants to get out of poverty they have to follow the Divine economic ideologies.
1. The first thing you must do is to entangled your country from the organizations set up to keep you in perpetual slavery.
The World Trade Organization. The International Monetary Funds. The Globalization of commerce. The comparative trade Advantages economic theories. All these are the global economic models meant to enslave the Africans.
Get out of them until you’re able to compete with the advanced economic powers of the world.

2. Corruption and stealing should be a treason felony with assets forfeitures and a mandatory jail term of ten years. The Bible says, righteousness exalt a nation but sin is a reproach to the people”Proverb 14:34. This is true. It is righteousness that exalt a nation, not oil and gas, not gold and diamonds, not even religious and prayers but righteousness. Nigerians remains poor due to the corruption in their national lives.

3. Stop using what you don’t produce. Stop eating the food you don’t grow. Stop importing what you cannot produce. For example, many years ago Chinese officials were riding bicycles to work until they were able to produce their own car. They did not belong to any world organization until they became economic giants in the world. Presently, they have joined the economic oppressors of the world.
4. Since you need technology to extract your natural resources. Any corporation who need your oil and gas or any kind of raw materials must process and refined them to the finish products in your country to provide employment and training for your youths. You need to industrialize and manufacture your goods and services.
5. No government officials should have more than one house and one car this will discourage corruption and stealing.
6. Educational System must be tailored to your country needs. There should be a no private school for the children of government officials . No medical trips for government officials. No foreign car for the government officials. Educational curriculum should be based on the need of the country.
7. Stop borrowing.
The Bible says, the borrowers are the slave to the lenders. “The rich rules over the poor, And the borrower is servant to the lender.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭22:7‬ ‭NKJV‬‬
Many Africans rulers have mortgaged the future of their youths to the lenders nations.

The International Money Funds encouraged countries to borrow money almost for anything with some conditions.
For example, in the 1980s during the Babagida Administration, Nigerian government borrowed money from the IMF with the Structural Adjustment Programs. SAP which includes devaluation of our currency. To allow the Western Countries to buy our oils and gas and other raw materials at a cheaper rate. They in turn will supply consumable goods and services. The Government took this loan despite the people’s objections to this IMF loans. The Nigerians currency took a plunge from one Dollar for two Naira. Presently, you need five hundred Naira to buy one Dollar. This was SAP-Self Acquired Poverty.
The point is the International Monetary Funds was set up to make the poor countries to remain poor. These gullible rulers of the third world countries were borrowing back their own money in the world bank as loans.
For example, all the African countries save their money as fixed deposits with their colonial masters.
The French colonies saved their money in France. The British colonies save their money in Britain.
Anytime they need money, they will go and borrow their own money on interest higher than the interest rate the bank pay on their money.
They are mortgaging the future of their children to their slave Colonia masters.

On the other hands, Divine economic principles was to be a lender. Deuteronomy 28:12 says, you shall be a lenders to the nations and you shall not borrow. Those of us who live by Divine Economic Principles do not borrow from no one. We are very contended. The same thing is applicable to a developing countries of the world.
For example, the
China rose from a poor nation to the economic power in the world. They are lending to many poor countries and they own many assets of their debtors nations.
China has become a new colonial masters. Developing poor countries should go and learn from China. They applied Divine economic principles and it leads them out of poverty into economic prosperity.

We cannot blame God for mediocrity and for lack of knowledge. God is not partial in all nations anyone following the Divine economic model shall prosper and with good health.

The Bible says, my people are (poor)perish for lack of knowledge. Not for lack raw materials nor natural resources but for lack of knowledge.
Since knowledge is power, the Africans leaders should educate and invest heavily on their teaming youths and engage them in production of goods and services.
The Yoruba adage was, “the Children you failed to train will liquidate the houses you built”. This adage becomes a reality during the #EndSARS protests in Nigeria. In just two days, the hungry and the Angry youths destroyed properties and looted food warehouses nationwide. The Nigerians government are still counting their losses.
The Divine Economic model are:
* Stop borrowing and Work with all diligence. A borrower is a slave to the lender. Proverb 22:7.
* Stop corruption at all levels. It is righteousness that can exalt a nation. Proverb 14:34
* Get out of all International Organizations. They will keep you in perpetual poverty. Regardless of who is the head of the Organization. For example, Former President Obama did not change the economic ideology of the West toward African nations. He left them in their poor economic conditions.
* Produce your own goods and services by manufacturing and industrialization.
* Be a lender to other nations. You should not borrow. Deuteronomy 28:12
* Divine economic models is the only out of poverty for the poor third world countries.
Thank you for listening and may God give you understanding.

David Olaniyan
The Global Evangelist
Jesus Witness Miniseries