Nov 022015

God’s Prophetic Message For November 2015

Are you surrounded by the enemies of progress? Are Doctor’s report about your health condition hopeless? Do you have any problem that seem insurmountable? Have you lost your job and can’t find another job? Do Doctor tell you that you can no longer have a child? Do you face deportation because your visa had expired? Are you oppressed and suppressed by demonic influence of drugs and alcohol and nothing seem to work for your recovery? Are your hope of getting married dim? Do you have a complicated pregnancy?

Whatever things you are passing through in life, my God tell me to inform you today that the Battle is not yours but God’s.

God has taken over your battle and your shall win and give testimony. If there is no trial, there won’t be testimony. Whatever happens to me and you, God allow it for the honor and glory of his holy name.

Read 2 Chronicles 20:14-24. The king of Judah was surrounded by 3 Nations who wants to wipe them out. King Jehoshaphat call on God for assistance and God told him” The Battle is not YOURS but MINE”

Then God recommended the followings:
1- Praise and high praises and the enemies were defeated.
2- Favor always follow praise.

Judah means. = Praise
Simeon means = Favor

God lives in praises and if you wants God’s intervention and solution to your problems, praise him.

For example, On September 14,2015 I closed from work at 12:30AM and discovered that I have no gas in my car. I was disturbed because all the gas station have closed. I then ask my God what shall I do? Am I going to sleep on the road? He answered me and said, “KEEP PRAISING ME” .
I started praising him as follows:
Am serving the God of miracle, Yes now I know, I Know, Am serving the God of miracles Yes now I know l know O .and so on. I drove my car for about 30 miles before I got to 24 hrs gas station. God increased the gas miraculously until I could find a gas station. Praise the living Jesus. All glory be to our God.

Praise God and God will solve all your problems in the name of Jesus.

You shall have your miracle job in the name of Jesus
You shall have your miracle baby in the name of Jesus
Your enemies are defeated in the mighty name of Jesus
Your health is restored in the name of Jesus
Demonic influence of drugs and alcohol is cast out in the name of Jesus.
Your shall be free from all oppressions of the devil in the mighty name of Jesus. Your baby delivered safely in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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Your victory is made sure because of the blood of Jesus and your own testimony.