Nov 292015

God’s Prophetic Messages For the Month of December 2015

Do you have any challenges in your Healthy?
Did your Medical Doctor tell you that your days are numbered?
Do you lose your job for any reason?
Do you lose money in the stock market or business?
Do you lose valuable properties to fire disaster?
Do you lose money to brain robbers and armed robbers?
Do you lose anyone in death?

If you answered Yes to one or more of these questions, then, God’s prophetic
Messages for the month of December 2015 is for you. The Lord said,”I will restore health to you And heal you of your wounds…….”(Jeremiah‬ ‭30‬:‭17‬ NKJV).

Your health is restored in the name of Jesus.

Your job is restored back to you in the name of Jesus

You shall recover your loses from businesses in the name of Jesus

You shall recover The money stolen by fraudster or brain robbers in the name of Jesus
You shall give testimony in Honor of God in the name of Jesus.

In any situation use praises to gain God’s attention to step in to solve your problems.

Make a specific prayer request:
Within 90 days, you shall give testimony

Follow Jesus advise to the Lepper in Luke

Make Offering For Your Healing

Then He put out His hand and touched him, saying, “I am willing; be cleansed.” Immediately the leprosy left him. And He charged him to tell no one, “But go and show yourself to the priest, and make an offering for your cleansing, as a testimony to them, just as Moses commanded.” (‭Luke‬ ‭5‬:‭13-14‬ NKJV)

No one should appear before the Lord empty-handed: ( Deuteronomy‬ ‭16‬:‭16-17‬)